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Kaş has an array of local and nearby activities to suit every taste. Combing idyllic with lively, Kas has retained its peaceful charm despite the rising tourist numbers. From high quality restaurants and bars to rich Lycian history, and paragliding over Kaş Peninsula to sightseeing on the ground; there's something for everyone.



Images by Saliha, Al & Bee Premium Weddings Abroad on premiumweddingsabroad

Built on a rich history of Lycian inhabitation dating back to 2000BC, Kaş and its surrounding areas have preserved many ancient sites and artefacts. Visit the ancient amphitheatre (above), and watch the sunset with panoramic views stretching over the Mediterrenean to the Greek island of Meis. When the night falls, preserved Lycian ruins can be seen illuminated on the mountains. Those wanting to learn a bit more can visit the Museum of Lycian Civilisations in nearby Demre, and view a preserved Lycian village. It also features an informative museum, displaying ancient artefacts that were created and used by the Lycians. Entrance is only ₺5 (TL) pp, which is approx £0.70 (GBP) pp. A cheap day out!

Couples LOVE these sights for proposals, wedding ceremonies and wedding photoshoots. Interested in seeing the sights with your loved one? We can help. Contact us here.



Ancient mosaic tiling in the St Nicholas Church. Images by Al & Bee Premium Weddings Abroad on premiumweddingsabroad

Following on from Lycian ruins around Demre, did you know that Santa Claus (Santa, Father Christmas, St Nicholas, take your pick!) was born in Lycia? Yes, he was a real-life person and yes, he was born in what is now known to be South Western Turkey! Unfortunately, he doesn't drop presents down the chimney like the famous Coca-Cola version, though we REALLY wish he did. Instead, the real St Nicholas was famed for his acts of charity and kindness, and his good deeds are displayed in the original paintings gracing the walls of the church. Orthodox Catholics regularly flock to the Church, being a popular pilgrimage site since it was unearthed in .

The Church has been wonderfully restored, with many of the original features, murals and mosaics still standing. It's believed Santa is still buried here; though nobody is quite sure, as remains were stolen from the Church and moved to Italy. Definitely worth a visit for our history buffs! Find out more here.



Left: Kayaking over the Sunken City. Image by Bourgainville Travel. Centre and Right: Sunken City & the small portion that is still inhabited.

Neatly contained within with turquoise waters & towering mountains, Kekova is home to the famous 'Sunken City', Simena. Home to underwater ruins that were previously used as a trading post, many of the structures and carvings can still be seen today. It is thought Simena was destroyed by earthquakes around the 2nd century, with tremors causing tsunamis and flooding; plunging the majority of the settlement into the water. Go for a paddle in a Kayak over the tops of the Sunken City, or if that's not your thing, you can take a relaxing boat tour from Kaş harbour.

We recommend Bourgainville Travel for a great day kayaking over the Sunken City; lunch, equipment hire and transportation to and from Kekova is all included. See here for more info. Rather someone do the paddling for you? We recommend BoatTripTurkey. More on that later!



Centre image by flylycia. L-R Images by Saliha, Al & Bee Premium Weddings Abroad on premiumweddingsabroad.

Boasting a panoramic view of the Mediterranean, untouched coastline pooled with sparkling turquoise water, and the silhouette of the Greek island of Meis in the background, Kaş is truly breath-taking.

Adrenaline junkie? Take in the view from the sky, and brave a jump off the Taurus mountains that overlook Kaş town. We recommend FlyLycia for a local company. Check them out here.



Images by boattripturkey.

With so many things to see around the Kalkan-Kaş-Kekova coast, you'll be spoilt for choice. Soak up the history at Simena, swim with turtles at the world-famous Kaputaş beach, explore the small islands and turquoise jewel bays surrounding Kaş or take a trip to the nearby Greek island of Meis (approx 5KM).

We highly recommend Boat Trip Turkey; they have a vast selection of tours, and the option for both open and private bookings. They serve fresh BBQ on board and their boats are finished to a high standard. See here for more.



Images by Erin Simmons, Dalelan Anderson, and Milos Prelevic on Unsplash.

Kaş is famed for its fantastic diving; clear, high visibility water and rich marine life gives Kaş a reputation for being the number one diving hotspot in Turkey. With an abundance of caves, canyons and tunnels, Kaş has something to offer for every skill level.

Don't know how to dive? No problem; Kaş has plenty of diving schools, and you can have your certificate in as little as 5 days. Another growing trend is underwater proposals; sound like something you'd be interested in? Let us help you arrange your dream underwater proposal for your partner. Contact us here.


With miles of idyllic coastline, glorious rolling mountains & crystal clear blue waters, Kaş is a hidden wonderland, cut off from the rest of the world.


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