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Dubbed both the 'Turkish Riveria' and the "Turquoise Coast', discover the quaint seaside town of Kaş, Turkey. Peaceful but lively, the cobbled streets of Kaş are nestled at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, enjoying panoramic view of the Mediterranean stretching to the Greek island of Meis. People come from round the world to swim in the turquoise waters surrounding Kaş; and no wonder, with New York Times listing it in the Top 52 places to visit worldwide. So what exactly makes Kaş so special?



Photo by Serdar Dincer on Unsplash

"If you could paint a picture of perfect ... this would be it"


Named in Forbes magazine as one of world's top 50 best beaches, Kaputaş is located in the cove of a deep gorge - and it's not hard to see why it was chosen. The towering limestone cliffs surrounding Kaputaş give the sand a white, powdery feel, and the clear turquoise water is great for a dip. But be warned - in high season Kaputaş can get busy, so get there early to get your spot! Kaputaş has changing facilities, a restaurant, toilets and a shower area, but parking is limited.

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The ancient cobbles of Kaş date back to the Lycian period, and many Lycian remains can still be seen dotted in and around the town. When night falls, look up into the Taurus mountains and see the Lycian remains light up. The amphitheatre, pictured above, is preserved to a high standard and offers panoramic sea views. Grab your camera, head down here and watch the spectacular crimson sunset.

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Photo by Al & Bee Premium Weddings Abroad on premiumweddingsabroad (featuring ancient Lycian tombstone in the background)

Photo by Al & Bee Premium Weddings Abroad on premiumweddingsabroad (featuring ancient Lycian tombstone in the background)

"A cluster of old Greek fishermen’s cottages, on narrow streets around the Lycian lion tomb."

The Telegraph

It's easy to see why Kaş was featured for its beauty in The Telegraph as a recommended travel destination. Small, cobbled streets on the seafront are nestled at the foot of the vast Taurus mountains that tower over the town. The streets are lined with with quaint, quirky, independent vendors, complimented by the Olive trees and Bougainvillea flowers gracing their shopfronts. Dubbed 'The Turkish Riveria', Kaş is a playground for Turkey's elite; Kaş has high quality resturaunts, bars, friendly locals, and an upmarket vibe.

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Photo by Al & Bee Premium Weddings Abroad on premiumweddingsabroad (featuring Olympos Mocamp Beach)

Kaş is the top diving destination in Turkey because of its crystal clear turquoise waters, abundance of marine life and ancient underwater Lycian ruins. It boasts a reputation as being one of the best spots in the Mediterranean, and recently hosted the CMAS World Championship Free Diving competition. An absolute must-visit for those interested in diving.

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You'll find your budget stretches further than you expect; £1 (GBP) gets you between ₺7-₺8 (TL), depending on the exchange rate. This means a dinner in a nice restaurant can cost you around £6 per head. Tours and activities are generally a lot cheaper than the rest of Europe, meaning you can make the most of your holiday without worrying about your bank balance.

Budgeting is important when planning your wedding; focusing your budget on the components that are special to you allows us to prioritise spending accordingly. Money to splash? Great! We'll help you plan your dream wedding. Either way, planning a wedding in Turkey means your budget stretches further than it would in the U.K. See more about what we do here.


With miles of idyllic coastline, glorious rolling mountains & crystal clear blue waters, Kaş is a hidden wonderland, cut off from the rest of the world.


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